Ornaments, belts, and badges have often made an integral part of attires. These render the clothing a different dimension. In addition, they also give a classic touch to the clothes worn. One such example of ornamental decoration which is still considered a style statement is sash belt worn by women.

In addition to these, there are also badges as such wire badges which are attached to blazers in order to signify the individual’s achievement and accomplishments. These are usually worn by people belonging to armed forces who hold higher positions.

Let's know about these vintages and know what are they used for?

Sash belts

Sash belt is decorative ornamental belt worn around the waist. These belts contain embroidery made using different gems, stones, and laces. They also come in the form of ribbons. These are worn by women over their dresses around the waist which renders a fairy tale touch to the outfit.

One can use different patterns and sizes depending upon the outfit and what look they wish for.

Wire badges

As decorative belts are for women, wire badges are worn by men, which are attached to their blazers. In comparison to other badges, the creation of these involves more Golden colors, wherein embroidery is done using Golden thread. Thus, the badges require a lot of attention and detail, taking almost a week or four to design it entirely. These badges are attached to blazers by carefully sewing them by hand.The cost of these badges and belts depend largely on the artwork to be done on the badge.

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